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What we do … Ground Source Heat pumps

  • Generate space heating for your home through the natural resources of the ground.
  • Hafod Renewable Energy offer professional design, supply and installation packages tailored to suit your requirements
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A ground source heat pump from Hafod Renewable Energy can lower your energy costs by up to 80 % compared to direct electricity. Ground source heat is pure, stored, solar energy that is retrieved from deep in the ground, the bottom of a lake or a few metres below the lawn. The most suitable is determined by the house’s energy requirement, the existing heating system and the plot

Consumer Benefits

  • Earn a profit through the government backed renewable heat incentive (RHI)
  • An environmentally friendly, renewable and free energy source
  • Minimises your CO2 emissions
  • Combine with Solar PV panels to make a virtually self-sufficient heating source.
  • Increase the energy performance of your property.
  • Increase the value and sale ability of your home.
Diagram showing ground source heat pump energy flow

How it works

The temperature 1 – 2m below the ground stays at a constant temperature of 6-12 degrees all year round. This is because the earth acts as a huge solar collector.

Solar energy is absorbed at the earth’s surface.  It is also washed downwards by rainfall.

Ground source heat pumps simply extract this low grade heat, convert it to a higher grade heat and distribute it to the building via underfoor heating or low temperature radiators.

The heat pump is driven by electricity but also absorbs 75% of its heat from the ground (renewable energy)

A typical ground source heat pump performs at an annual efficiency of 400%.  This means for every 1kw of electrical energy the heat pump consumes, 3kw of heat is absorbed ‘free’ from the ground.

Is my home suitable?

  • Can work with radiators, underfloor heating and fan convectors.
  • Better suited to insulated properties with cavity wall insulation but can work in less insulated properties by over sizing radiators.
  • Requires approx 4m2 in the house. A Utility room or garage is usually suffice.  Failing that a lean to building can be built on the side of the property.
  • External space of 10m x 8m and access for drilling rig if borehole.
  • External space of ¼ of acre of clear land away from buildings and trees if horizontal.

Technology types

There are 2 different types of systems;

Horizontal loop system

The ground source heat pump absorbs heat from collector pipes buried 1-1.5m beneath the ground .

The collector pipes can be installed beneath gardens, driveways and hard surfaces, we generally require ¼ of acre of clear land.

It is advisable to keep collector pipes 2-3m away from buildings and trees.

Generally a house with a paddock or adjacent field is suitable for this system.

The horizontal system is the most popular system due to the cost effectiveness of excavating the ground.

Borehole loop system

The ground source heat pump absorbs heat from a vertical probe which is installed up to 100 meters into the earth’s core.

Generally a house will need 2 – 3 boreholes.  Each borehole must be at least 6 meters away from each other and any building foundations.  The land area each borehole takes up is only 20 cms in diameter.

We use a specialist drilling team for this operation, they require approximately 3 meters wide access for the plant.

We have installed a Borehole ground source heating system in the front garden of a typical house.

The borehole system is without doubt the most efficient system as the ground temperature is much more stable at low depths however they are costlier than horizontal systems.

Ground source heat pump coil install

Reasons to invest in Ground source heating with Hafod Renewable Energy

  • Proven track record with the skills and expertise to undertake any project.
  • Vast experience in different types of systems such as borehole and horizontal
  • Competitive annual maintenance package for peace of mind
  • Use of quality manufacturers equipment with a minimum 7 year guarantee.
  • Can heat domestic hot water to 60 degrees
  • 7 year guarantee on equipment
  • Low maintenance
  • RHI compliant

Advantages over oil

  • No flue required ( so no penetration of building)
  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels ( as 70% of your energy comes from renewable air)
  • Low maintenance, no flue cleaning etc.
  • Low carbon heating system achieves a good energy rating for the dwelling and gains good points for Part L of the building regulations
  • No requirement for fuel deliveries and no bulky fuel tank required
  • Government backed renewable heat incentive is available
Forest photo

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