Multi Award winning Renewable installers

Hafod Renewables are your one stop shop for Design, Installation and maintenance of solar, battery storage and heat pumps across the UK.

Winner of Wales Renewable Installer of the Year in 2018/2019 as well, as being in the top 3 nationally in 2019.


Future-proof your energy bills

Installing Solar PV future-proofs you against on-going increases to energy costs, and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. Hafod Renewables offer a no-hassle solution, taking care of everything from installation to connection to the grid.

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Store energy for use when you need it

There are many advantages to using a battery to store energy:
• Store energy for when the sun’s not shining
• Charge it up at night if you have low tariff
• It will kick in if the National Grid goes down
• Automatically switches when required

Having a battery will vastly improve your energy saving.

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Invest in your future

With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, it is easier than ever to install an air source heat system in your home - taking advantage of the heat in the air outside your house to heat the space within.

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Save up to 70% on fuel bills

If gas prices continue to rise at a faster rate than electricity, the running costs of a heat pump will be more and more attractive than a gas boiler.

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  • "We are happy to give Hafod the highest rating because of their diligence. They were very clear about when they said they would carry out the works."


  • "Really exceptional service from the initial survey through the installation and final commissioning."

    Mr DW, North Wales

  • "Everything was done as I was told it would be. The men working here were tidy and polite. From my experience, I would recommend to anybody."

    Wyn Jones

  • "The whole Hafod team were all excellent, professional and friendly in their service to us. We highly recommend them."

    Ralph and Dorothy Shaw

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