Improving Farm Productivity Grant

Improving Farm Productivity Grant

Government Grant: for Agricultural Businesses

Round 2 of the Improving Farm Productivity grant has begun, and there's now more scope to allow farmers and agricultural businesses to benefit.

For those who are eligible, this grant award significant funding towards the installation of renewable energy systems to energy systems to generate cleaner electricity for their business.

The scheme is comprised of two themes:
1. Farm productivity grants
2. Solar funding, which we will touch on here

Farm building with solar pv electricity panels on roof

Solar Funding theme

Eligible businesses:

  • England only: farmers and horticulturalists

Applicable systems:

  • Solar PV
  • Battery storage
  • Inverter swaps
  • Electric grid connection
  • Utility meters and power diverters


The threshold has been lowered since round 1 – enabling many more businesses to apply.

  • 25% of total cost
  • Min £15,000 up to a max of £100,000 for solar theme alone
  • There is a £500,000 limit for both themes combined, per applicant

Solar PV stipulations: 

“In all cases, it is the farmers’ responsibility to ensure the reservoir or building roof is suitable to support the solar panel system.” – NFU: an experienced, qualified renewable installation company will be able to correctly survey all relevant buildings.

  • On-roof systems only, the grant does not apply to ground-mounted systems
  • Panels cannot be installed on heavily shaded/north facing roofs

There are many elibility requirements and a two-stage application process, all relevant information and resources you can find on the Gov + NFU websites. Official online checker closes 21 March 2024.