Optimise Energy Use with Battery Storage Systems

Optimise Energy Use with Battery Storage Systems

Whether you have already switched to a renewable energy source or are just about to start the installation process, consider adding a battery storage system. It’s clear that renewable energy gives homeowners a degree of energy independence, however why not take the next step and further decrease your reliance on the National Grid. A battery storage system used in conjunction with your chosen renewable energy solution will provide you with consistent energy through rain or shine.

What are battery storage systems?

Essentially, a battery storage system’s purpose is to capture excess energy produced by a renewable energy source. The battery storage system then stores this surplus energy for later use in the future when it is required. Extra energy may be produced by solar panel systems, for example, on a sunny day. If the energy is not used and a battery storage system has been installed, the excess will be stored. 

Without a battery storage system, the energy may be lost and flow back to the National Grid. As an example, a household without a battery storage system uses 25-30% of generated renewable energy, with up to 75% going back to the National Grid. Using a battery storage system you could mean that you will be using 75% of renewable energy generated with only 25% returning to the grid.

What are the advantages to installing a battery storage system?

  •       Get the most out of your renewable energy source
  •       Store surplus energy generated for use at a later date
  •       Reduce your reliance on the National Grid
  •       Avoid the risk of an intermittent energy supply
  •       Provides a back-up power source
  •       Helps to reduce your fuel bills

Can I get a battery storage system installed at a later date?

Yes, for example you can install battery storage to your existing solar panel system at a later date. For a professional installer it is an uncomplicated process which is otherwise known as retrofitting. Current products available on the market have been designed to flexibly accommodate added extras such as battery storage systems, to make your life easier. Discuss your individual requirements with one of our expert installers and they will suggest the right course of action for you.

Is a battery storage system suitable for me?

Depending on your home usage, a battery storage system could be a great energy saving solution. For example, a battery storage system can store up generated energy during the day whilst your home is unoccupied. However, if your home is occupied during the day, and there is constant energy use in the house, a battery storage may not be suitable. 

The same can be said for homeowners with high electrical loads. For instance, if you charge  electric vehicles or own electric AGAs, hot tubs or air/ground source heat pumps you may find that you use most of the renewable electricity generated. Therefore it depends on your individual case whether or not your home will benefit from having a battery storage system installed. If you are unsure about the suitability of battery storage systems for your home, get in touch with the Hafod Renewables team to discuss your options.

Where can I get a battery storage system?

Here at Hafod Renewables, we have two brands of batteries you can choose from. We install Tesla and GivEnergy battery storage systems as we recognise them as offering the most reliable product ranges on the market. Depending on your energy needs we can recommend the most suitable of these products for you. We understand that the world of renewable energy solutions may be a new venture for you, so our team is on hand to guide you through the process.

If you are thinking of getting a battery storage system installed on your property and have any questions, our team of experts will be happy to help. At Hafod Renewables we provide excellent customer support, from responding to initial enquiries right through to the installation of your battery storage system and beyond.