Solar Panels Wirral


Ever since electricity was experimented on in 1752, this technology has evolved and become a massive part of everybody’s life on a day-to-day basis.

Although we use it every day, do we know enough about it as we should? The answer is unfortunately not. As National grid energy and electricity are powered by Co2, this gas will eventually pollute our earth to the point where it can’t survive.

Now, here at Hafod Renewables, we’re looking to offer people energy and electricity options that require little to no carbon dioxide to function.

Solar panel companies and solar panel systems have been proven to positively affect climate change and pollution, but how can you implement this in a time where change is needed?

If you live on the Wirral, or in the general Merseyside area, we can provide you with our expert solar panel services. Read on to learn more about the solar energy products and services we offer.


Why Use Solar Panels/ Solar Energy?

Although this creation has been around for decades, the recognition of this formula for a better-kept environment is still relatively unknown across the wider community.

This is not anyone’s fault, but we’re here to give you an insight into why solar panels and solar energy should be so prevalent across the world.

Solar panels only work during the daytime or when it is sunny, right? Well, at Hafod Renewables, you can find solar panels and solar storage batteries that can power your home even at night time, without the production of carbon emissions.

In a time where energy solutions, gas solutions and many others are uncertain and extremely volatile in price - you will be able to take independent action and ownership by purchasing solar-powered energy.

With solar panels, you can save up to 80% on your electricity bill - resulting in savings of around £1,000 per year! This is certainly something to consider as energy prices increase.

Not only will you save money as the prices of renewable energy solar panels are going down, while prices from other energy companies are going up - but, you will have a reduction in carbon footprint.

This essentially means that you, your family and your friends will be safer in your household as you won’t be breathing in as much carbon dioxide.

For the most part, the factor that used to put off customers from investing in solar panels was their expensive nature. The cost of them used to be extortionate and unaffordable, but now it is the complete opposite compared to National Grid energy solutions.

Take advantage of our affordable solar panels here at Hafod Renewables. Due to this deduction in price, it is becoming more favourable in the public eye.

Plus, with others controlling your energy bills every month - having solar panels allows you to take control and pay individually on a one-time basis!


Solar Panels Wirral

Here at Hafod Renewables, solar-powered energy in the form of solar panels are what we specialise in. Our goal is to provide people with the required amount of solar panels that will suit their household or business premises.

With our business first being opened by family members, we pride ourselves on supplying the best service for each project.

If no thought goes into each household or business, the foreshadowing outcome is that something will go wrong. However, exploring every minor detail to ensure maximum energy potential is reached, is one of our top priorities.

With each renewable energy source in the Wirral such as a heat pump, new solar PV installation, wind energy, etc - now is the time to implement a clean energy source strategy into your daily life.

As a business owner or homeowner, you want to keep the costs down as much as possible so you can invest money elsewhere. Therefore, taking advantage of renewable energy and taking a step in the right direction for an alternative green energy source is vital.

Not only will you not have to stress about installing them on your own, but the whole planning process will be dealt with. Get in touch today via our contact form online.


Process of Solar Panel PV Installation Wirral

If you have ever tried to fix your chimney by yourself or a roof leakage - you will know it is exceedingly threatening to go up there alone… especially if you have no previous knowledge and experience.

With these jobs being suited to experts and professionals as large objects will be installed - doing this alone is a no-go. Not only will you be struggling to get up to your roof with this heavy load of items, but ensuring that they are correctly placed is another burden.

Consequently, if you’re looking for a Merseyside solar panel company to help with a safe and effective installation - Hafod Renewables are only on the other side of a contact form.

Whether you want to install a domestic solar panel, or are looking for solar panels for your agricultural premises - no solar panel installation job in the Wirral is a problem for us!


Why Choose Hafod Renewables Over Other Solar Energy Companies?

Even though solar panel installers and solar panel products/ services are easy to come by - choosing the right people to go with can be a struggle.

Commitment, trust and great results are what people look for in a company and with years of experience, winning multiple renewable installers awards - we understand these principles to a tee.

No matter your needs and requirements, whether that be in a domestic, commercial or agricultural environment - we have had 12 years of experience across the board leading up to this year to help everyone most effectively.

In essence, with these solar-powered energy sources for your electricity and heating needs - everything will be catered for. Products, installation and maintenance are covered by our accomplished team.

After noticing that other solar companies with an air source heat pump range, solar PV products, etc will typically run out of stock - we have made sure this doesn’t happen.

With a new investment into a 4000 sq ft unit, our stock will be endless for our customers and clients to choose from.

These systems and renewable energy solutions will not only take your bills down each month - but you will see an increase in compliments from other visitors.

If you’re looking to take that leap, click here to visit our contact form, in which you can get a quote from us on what n=you need, today!