Solar Panels North Wales


Renewable energy has been around for a long time, but people have only recently begun to see the pressures growing to finally make an environmentally friendly change.

The knowledge and understanding of knowing what is and isn’t good for the environment are crucial for a successful future. Most people don’t understand that most energy is powered by Co2 - which is the worst possible gas for pollution.

This is why, here at Hafod renewables, we’re looking to show you (in a world of volatile and expensive energy prices) that you can make your own decision and become independent in your environmentally friendly decisions.

Solar panel systems have been a revolutionary design for positively affecting climate change - so read on to learn more about solar energy and how we can help you implement it into your daily life!


Should You Use Solar Energy?

With solar panels being on the market to buy for many years, it is still not fully understood by the wider public what the benefits of solar energy are. Now, with the rise of energy bills, the opportunity has dawned on people that they can’t always trust the prices to suit them.

Therefore, a rise in search volume for solar-powered energy solutions has become a regular occurrence. Now, with people looking into buying solar panels - what are the benefits of utilising these products to your advantage?

Typically, your regular source of energy from the National Grid, although it helps families to provide for each other (using electrically-powered products), will also release carbon dioxide and methane into our atmosphere.

In contrast, using solar panel systems or a heat pump will reduce your carbon footprint as it uses energy from the sun and heat only to generate power and electricity for your premises.

Whether you’re in a commercial, domestic or agricultural environment - using these solar-powered devices will help you build a sustainable, yet environmentally-friendly future (regardless of the premises).

Due to their price reduction, here at Hafod Renewables, we’re here to help you become independent with your energy choice - whilst giving you the most suitable options for your desired location.


Solar Panels North Wales

Due to excessive amounts of technology being released - and this era being very fond of using electrical devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, etc - energy requirements are slowly rising higher and higher every year.

Whether you need solar panels, air source heat pumps, batteries, etc - here at Hafod Renewables, we’re looking to provide you with whatever we feel is best for your property.

As one of the leading solar companies in North Wales, we are willing to travel anywhere within this location to provide you with your wants and needs.

Nonetheless, before you decide on what solar panels you want for your property, it is crucial to have a plan behind you (made by experts in the field) to give you the best chance possible of seeing the most supreme results.

Unfortunately, other companies may not go into the finer details - so you may end up with solar panels in completely the wrong position - leading to an energy deficiency. Or, you may be fitted with solar panels that don’t fit the specifications of your roof.

Both of these scenarios could affect you and your family's way of living so it is important to get the process spot on. Cutting your costs whilst seeing the finest performance is what is required. Using our contact form, reach out to us to get your quote from a team of professionals on what will suit you and your premises, today!


Solar Panel Installation Process North Wales

Solar panel installation can be extremely dangerous to do alone, especially if there is no one with previous experience in this industry. Due to the jobs being carried out on the top of a building, someone could easily get hurt carrying these large objects. It also takes expert eyes to successfully install a solar panel.

Therefore, if you’re contemplating the idea of saving money and saving our planet, we have many options for you to choose from. Whether you just want solar panels, or just want solar panel installation (or even both) - we will walk you through the steps that need to be taken to get that done.

As you see the energy bills rising, you may be beginning to worry about how you can cope with the current climate. You may ask yourself “if I were to get solar panels, how would this all be possible without my input?” Well, with a family-prided business - we’re here to guide you through every process (taking all the work away from your own hands).

Some solar energy companies will get the job done and then you’ll never hear from them again. During this time, there may be issues and complaints that need to be addressed.

However, if there were to be any issues with any of our products or services (highly inconceivable to happen) we would give you all the attention you required.

Not only that, but we offer our clients a 24-month warranty for any of the panel installations that are completed by our staff. Whilst our products have a 25-year warranty, we believe trusting in your provider and receiving the best customer service possible go hand in hand!


Why Should You Choose Hafod Renewables?

With a wide selection of solar energy/ solar panel companies with multiple products and services… What is the difference between them and us? Why would you be inclined to choose us from the rest?

Since 2010 when we began our journey to help others, we have built an enviable reputation - with tons of case studies, testimonials and reviews to back up our experience. Over Google and Trustpilot we have built a 5-star resume with our products and services not disappointing our customers.

With multiple awards too within our niche and industry, even with our high-standard operations - we still look to provide our customers with an affordable offer.

As we know the importance of energy in your household and knowing the benefits of solar powered-products - it is our goal to supply you with only the best.

Click here to go to our contact form - in which you will speak to an expert of our team to yield the most suitable advice for your current situation.