Case Study – Equine specialist move from fossil fuel to sustainable heating solution

Brief: Hafod were approached to see if they could reduce the heating bills for a rural property in Denbighshire. The residential building and equine facility both required heating.  The existing heating in was via a 40 year oil boiler and AGA (circa efficiency 65%).

The main problem, according to the owners was that they would finish work and put the heating on at 7pm and the house would only be getting warm by the time they were going to bed.   Upon investigation and a heat loss calculation the property was determined to have a very high ‘thermal mass’ due to the thick stone walls and solid floors throughout.  This means the house has a slow responsive heat up time.   All this means if the house loses its heat (inertia) it will take a very long time to heat back up again.  The house required a more constant heat throughout the day to remain comfortable for its occupants

Execution: Hafod Renewables designed & installed a Pellet boiler in a central plant room heating connected to a district heating system that serves the house and liveries office including a domestic hot water point for washing down etc.    We also installed a domestic hot water cylinder and radiators for the tack room.

The heating system incorporated weather compensation controls which means the heat output is determined by how cold the outside temperature is.  We also linked the entire system up to a cloud based app.  This means the owner can now control the heat settings from his smart phone.

The RHI application was successfully completed and the customer received their first payment within 3 months of commissioning the system.

  • Technology installed

    • 92% efficient 48 Kw Okofen Pellet boiler with a 5 tonne Silo. The Fuel from the silo is blown into the boiler via a vacuum system.
    • 40mm Uponor underground district heating pipe (pipework specially made for underground with insulation and mechanical protection, extremely low heat loss)
    • 210 litre ‘A rated’ pressurised hot water cylinder (used for washing down)

  • Customer benefits

    • The customer reduced its heating bills from £4,500 to £2,500 in year 1
    • Annual Renewable heating incentive payment of £4,900 per annum ( payable for 20 years Indexed linked to inflation)
    • The new heating system is a clean low carbon heating system
    • Weather compensation control gave the family greater comfort all year round.