Hafod Renewables featured on Channel 4 show The Great House Giveaway!

Hafod Renewables featured on Channel 4 show The Great House Giveaway!

If you're a fan of property makeover shows then you may have come across The Great House Giveaway on Channel 4. The premise of the show is simple - people who have never owned a house before are given money to buy a cheap property at auction, renovate it, and then sell it on for profit.

In this case it was a dilapidated bungalow in Anglesey. The project was managed by 25 year old graduate Nia Jones and roofer Mark Jones. In their own words it was 'the house of horrors' and needed a complete makeover including the floors, roof and chimneys.

Over 6 months the pair worked tirelessly to update the house from a run down shell to an eco-friendly home they could sell on the market. Despite never having even used a drill, Nia was able to help Mark in fixing a number of problems as they arose - with the help of local experts.

With an energy efficiency rating of E it was clear this house needed some extra TLC and that's where leading renewable energy system provider Hafod Renewables from Tremeirchion, Denbighshire got involved. With our expertise we were able to assess the whole property and provide some real, actionable changes. The result: an energy efficiency rating of A.

How we improved the energy efficiency rating of the property

In this case for the bungalow the new green features included an Air source heat pump, underfloor heating, thermal cladding, solar panels and an electric car charging point. With these enhancements the property become much more eco-friendly and virtually self-sufficient.

Thanks to our help, the property is almost totally off-grid meaning reduced energy bills and less reliance on fossil fuels. As more homeowners think about how to save money and be more environmentally friendly it is clear that using new eco-technology is the way forward.

Just like with the home in Anglesey we can help guide you on what specific technology you can install in your house. The first step is to request a survey where we will review the current state of your home energy needs. Once this has been done our experts can recommend suitable upgrades to help you become more energy efficient.

The initial cost of making your home more eco-friendly can be off putting to many, however the long term gains are clear. With reduced reliance on fossil fuels you will quickly benefit from reduced bills. As with the bungalow in the program an eco-friendly house can also fetch a premium price in today's property market.

If you are thinking of renovating your house

Just as Chwarel's MD and the executive producer of The Great House Giveaway says 'This is absolutely the way we should be renovating every house in the future. If your central heating fails, you don't want to be putting in a combi boiler in there, you want to be installing an Air Source Heat Pump.'

At Hafod Renewables we would tend to agree. If you are thinking of renovating your house then looking at the new wave of eco-technology can future proof your home for whatever is around the corner. With more energy efficiency, reduced reliance on energy companies and better for the environment, these new features can help you considerably in the long run.

So if you are looking for similar help for your own property please begin your journey here with Hafod Renewables.