Grand Designs Live: London 2024

Grand Designs Live: London 2024

Our Experience at Grand Designs Live London

We recently attended the Grand Designs Live show at ExCeL London for nine engaging days, partnered with our parent company, Evolo. It was also the debut of the fantastic Solar Calculator, (which proved to be very popular!) which allowed visitors to see how many panels could fit on their roof, what savings could be made and what appliances could be powered by solar...even how many chickens could be cooked in an air fryer!

Engaging with the Community

Throughout the event, we connected with numerous attendees, discussing the best renewable energy solutions for their properties. From homeowners eager to make the switch to solar energy, to those looking to replace fossil fuel heating with a heat pump, we provided valuable advice tailored to each individual's needs. It was great to see so many people committed to making their homes more sustainable.

We had discussions about a diverse range of projects, including new builds, renovations, large-scale developments, and hotels. We also had the pleasure of speaking with architects about resource-efficient solutions for their clients' properties. These conversations not only highlighted the growing interest in renewable energy but also underscored the importance of personalised solutions in reducing environmental impact.

Building New Partnerships

One of the most exciting outcomes of our time at Grand Designs Live is the number of new partnerships we've already started with attendees. We are thrilled to begin fitting renewable energy systems at their properties, helping them transition to more efficient energy sources, while future-proofing against rising energy costs.

Highlights of the Show

The Grand Designs Live show was not just about business; it was also a celebration of creativity and innovation in sustainable living. One of the standout sections was the Green Grads exhibit, a platform for recent graduates to showcase their innovative and sustainable design projects, including upcycled and reworked textiles, home accessories from repurposed/recycled materials and more.

Another highlight was the Sustainable Future Theatre. This area hosted sessions covering a wide range of topics, from sustainable building materials to eco-friendly design tips, offering something for everyone interested in implementing more sustainable living.