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Consumer Benefits
  • Solar thermal energy produces nearly 100 % of a households hot water demand in the summer months and 50% over the winter months.
  • A system will save around 60-70% of a households hot water energy consumption.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive available to fund the installation!
  • Produce hot water for your daily requirements from the energy of the sun
How it works

Solar thermal energy is simple, making it the most efficient type of renewable energy technology available.

  • The solar panels are exposed to solar radiation allowing the panels to become hot
  • Water is pumped around a ‘closed loop circuit’ from the solar panels to a hot water storage cylinder.
  • A controller monitors the temperature difference between the solar panels and cylinder for operation.
Is my home suitable?

The following is a summary of what is generally required for a viable solar thermal installation;

  • Roof should face south or between south east and south west
  • Angle of roof should be between 20 and 50 degrees (preferably 30 and 40)
  • Shading issues from trees, buildings and obstacles should be minimal.
  • At least 3m2 or 4m2 roof space.

There are two types of solar collectors that are used in the UK:

Flat Plate Collectors

solar thermal panelsThese solar collectors look like a velux window and can seamlessy integrate into a building, especially new dwellings.

  • Can be in or on roof.
  • The right option if visual impact is important
  • System efficiency of around 30 – 40 %
  • Simple technology, requires little maintenance.
  • Can be installed alongside photovoltaic panels for a minimalistic look.
Evacuated Tube Collectors

solar thermal vacuum tubesThese solar collectors are regarded as the most efficient type. The technology has more science involved and lower heat losses.

  • Highly efficient (40-60%) with good all year round performance.
  • Can produce hot water even on cloudy days by utilising diffused radiation.
  • Requires less space to install than flat plate ( 3m2 of evacuated tubes = 4m2 of flat flat plate collectors)
  • Virtually no losses through conduction or convection
  • Can only be mounted on the roof rather than integrated.
  • Ideal for non–roof applications, with the use of frames
Reasons to invest in Solar thermal with Hafod Renewable Energy
  • Our team will design the most efficient and viable solution to your requirements.
  • The existing hot water cylinder will need to be replaced with a ‘solar cylinder’ – these are highly insulated efficient devices, so if your current cylinder needs replacing, this can offset the cost of the solar installation.
  • Generally, solar thermal systems require maintenance once a year. Hafod Renewables offer very competitive maintenance packages and include a free first year home visit after installation.

Renewable Heat Incentive now available!

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