Solar Panels Liverpool


Over recent years, businesses have put a huge focus on climate change, so environmentally friendly products/ services have surged on the market. For good reason, it is now beginning to get recognition for how crucial it is for our planet.

Here at Hafod Renewables, we’re looking to provide you with services and products that will leave you hands-free - whilst doing your part for the ongoing world issues.

As solar panels are some of the most favoured products and services (for installation and maintenance), our mission is to provide the widest range of benefits to our clients in Liverpool as possible. Whether it is domestic, commercial or agricultural - we’re here to help throughout the process!


Why Use Solar Panels?

Although these products have been around for a fairly long-time, people are still not fully educated on why you should use solar panels at any given chance.

Compared to regular energy which generates tons of carbon dioxide and methane, solar panels are a great alternative for reducing your carbon footprint for the ‘green’ movement.

This will essentially stop negative energy components from being released into the air (polluting our earth), as they don’t use electricity. It purely uses the energy from the sun and clean water to power anything electrical-based in your household.

While being environmentally friendly, they are powerful and safe solutions to build a sustainable future for yourself and your family household.

Solar panels weren’t always a cost-effective way to provide solar power energy to your household, but now - the decrease in price makes a huge impression on why solar energy should be more common around the world.

In a world of volatile energy solutions and utilities in general, it can be strenuous to keep up with what you can and can’t afford. However, with natural energy solar panels - you can easily protect yourself with this solution.

Being independent through unpredictable times and trusting the sun's ability will give you security and peace of mind.


Solar Panels Liverpool

Here at Hafod Renewables, we are proud to be one of Merseyside’s leading solar panel companies, specialising in many areas within solar energy.

Depending on your wants and needs, whether it's solar panels on your business premises or just your personal household - we have a solution for you.

Each project needs to be thought about with huge care as the placing of your solar panels can affect how much energy you will receive. Countries without much sun will often struggle to form any energy with solar panels.

However, with a solar battery storage system in place - it is possible to thrive on dark and rainy days too!

If you’re thinking about investing in solar panels for renewable energy reasons in your business, instead of paying volatile energy prices - you have the opportunity today to use a clean energy source.

This will not only cost less but allow you to invest more of your money into your internal business.

As a team at Hafod Renewables, it is our goal to ensure that you invest your money into the right solar panel that suits your premises.

Everything from the size of your roof, the number of solar panels you need, etc - we can help you decide on what is best for you. Get in touch with us today via the contact section of our website.


Solar Panel Installation Liverpool

If you’re intending to implement solar panel installation in your home or business - you need to begin a plan of action. Fortunately for you, if you contact us immediately - we will talk you through the process of installation and how we can do it for you!

With a fully qualified member of staff and the best solar panels available to you - stress will be completely eliminated from the situation. With precise fitting, all the knowledge and skills are a speciality of our team members.

If in any case, you’re unhappy with the work that we provide (very little chance of this being the case) - we have warranty systems in place. For solar panel installers, we have a 24-month guarantee and our solar PV panels carry a 25-year warranty in total.

With these in place, customer service is our priority. Ensuring that you’re protected, no matter the situation, is a value of ours.


Why Choose Hafod Renewables

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I choose Hafod Renewables out of any other company in the solar panel industry?” Or you may ask “If solar companies all sell the same products and services, why should I choose you?”

Well… Hafod Renewables is one of Liverpool’s leading providers in the renewable energy industry for clients in areas such as commercial, domestic and agricultural land.

Not only do we provide you with the best solar panels at the most affordable price - but, we offer to install and maintain your favourite renewable energy products on our website!

With 5 stars on the board for reviews, it is clear to see that we take pride in our customer service more than most. As we’re a family-grown company, we take great honour in each one of our services or products and if we need to improve on certain aspects - we will be the first people to notice.

With our business growing exponentially since we started in 2010, we now have the opportunity to provide one of the most significant facilities available. In essence, this 4000sq ft unit ensures that we never go missing any products - so there should never be any problems with any availability of our products.

We understand that some businesses may say that there is large stock available, but if their business grows to a certain level - they won’t know how to deal with the pressure at hand. Nonetheless, with our experienced team, we’re sure to prevent any potential issues from occurring.

Now, we get that this could be an expensive upfront investment and for this reason, here at Hafod Renewables, we make sure to tailor bespoke systems to meet your solar energy demands in Liverpool. Taking a look at your budget and the space you have to work with is the first step.

Afterwards, we will supply you with a report with the amount of money you can save, but also see if this is the right investment for you to make (with your current situation).

If you’re interested in using solar panels as a way to save the environment and yourself some money - reach out to our team today (view the contact us form to get a quote)!