Solar Panels Chester 


Whether it is the food industry, the sporting world or any other niche, there has been a noticeable realisation and reaction to climate change and environmental pressures.

Although most energy is powered by carbon dioxide, we look to provide you with greener solutions for your renewable energy needs. A solar panel system is one of them - and has been monumental in our success in helping each home solar power their electricity effectively.

As the prices of energy have risen to extortionate prices in recent times, it is becoming difficult for families and friends to keep up with the cost of living.

Here at Hafod Renewables, over the past 12 years, we have been trying and enabling people to make a change within their solar energy choices. Read along to see how we can help!


Solar Panels: Why Are They Important?

With solar panels being founded in 1954, ever since then - using the sun’s energy to power electrical items has been noticed among the masses. However… it is still yet to get the full recognition and use it deserves among the wider community.

Although solar panels do not work at night (unless you have a solar battery installed) - during the daytime they will cut down on the energy you use from the National Grid.

Consequently, you will not be producing any carbon emissions from your household. As you aren’t contributing to global warming - your inner household will reap the benefits. One of these benefits is a reduction in carbon footprint.

Due to it being solar energy, it is fully renewable. Unlike a normal national grid-provided energy source (which has a possibility of running out one day). Therefore, having an energy source that won’t run out is highly reliable and trustworthy when it comes to performance.

With sustainability being a key component to its success, they were always one of the more expensive forms of energy sources to deal with. Nevertheless, more recently, the decrease in the price should be a huge incentive to make solar-powered energy more fashionable!

Moreover, with the unpredictability of how energy prices will go up and down, it is easy to get lost in what others will enforce on your monthly bills.

However, when you invest in a solar panel system, you are now an independent energy source owner. Instead of relying on others, you will understand your own payments - with no volatility.


Solar Panels Chester

As technologies advance, ensuring that we keep up with the requirements of energy needed is met. Whether it be a less tiled job than others (and vice versa) or a moderately expensive solar PV system needed (or the opposite) - taking pride in what you need is crucial to us!

Here at Hafod Renewables, as one of the leading solar panel companies in Cheshire - we understand that you may need jobs done in various locations.

For example, you could be a new business beginning your journey in a new building and want to cover your premises with solar panels. In contrast, you may just want them placed on top of your roof at home.

Whatever the scenario, a well-thought-out process needs to be planned to perfection by our specialists. Even if your solar panels are planted in a spot where they will receive slightly less energy - this could affect your way of living.

Nonetheless, hiring a top Chester solar panel company is what is required for the best results. Especially if you’re looking to cut your costs, but also live in a circumstance where clean energy sources are running through your environment.

As a unit, our team members at Hafod Renewables have been engrained with the knowledge that making sure customers are taken care of is the main priority. This requires you to gain the best service at the most affordable price.

Not only that, but we will advise you on what we think will suit your premises. Correspond with us today using our contact form on the website to get further insight!


Solar Panel Installation Chester

You may have the intention to invest in a new solar PV installation system, but don’t know how it will be possible to fit. No matter the area in Chester, solar panel installation can be completed by our expert fitters.

Instead of having dread, and wondering how this is going to be physically possible - stress will be no more when speaking to our team. If your goals are to live a more environmentally friendly life to provide a good example of yourself to others around you - this is the perfect solution for you.

Regarding your warranty, if you’re not happy with the services or products provided (highly unlikely) you will have access to hand in a 24-month warranty for the renewable energy solar panel installation. In addition, we offer a 25-year warranty for any of our solar PV panels.


Hafod Renewables: Why Choose Us?

Out of the plethora of options available at your service for solar energy products and services - there is an understanding that you will be sceptical about who to choose. Trust, results and commitment are what is required from the best of companies and we have years of experience with our clients.

Being one of the leading solar companies in Chester - whether you want commercial, domestic or agricultural property installation and maintenance is covered by our team.

We take pride in winning multiple awards within the renewable installers industry, where we not only offer cost-effective solutions - but care dearly about each individual customer.

Realising the importance of electricity and heating within a household or business for people to thrive is extremely important to us. This is why we now have a 4000 sq ft unit to supply as many products as we can - ensuring that every customer can invest with us.

Availability for a crucial component like this is paramount. Therefore, if you’re looking for solar panels and installation/ maintenance services - click here to take yourself to our contact form. Here, we can guide you step by step on what we think is the best course of action for you. Get a quote today!