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How domestic solar pv works

  • Generate free electricity with domestic solar pv for the household using the energy from the sun
  • Hafod Renewable Energy offer professional design, supply and installation of domestic solar pv packages tailored to suit your needs

Hang on – We are in North Wales!

The Met Office have been recording solar radiation for more than 30 years and has produced maps showing geographical distribution of solar radiation for the UK shown above.  It is these figures which are used for the feed in tariff calculations explained later in this demonstration.

domestic solar pv potential annual gain

Consumer benefits

  • The Governments announced ‘feed in tariff’ (FIT’s) pay a guaranteed sum of money for every Unit of electricity produced.  This figure is also fixed for 20 years and index linked to inflation (RPI). See table below for tariff rates.
  • The electricity suppliers pay you an additional 4.91 pence per unit of electricity exported to the national grid which is typically 50% of what the PV system will generate.
  • The average PV installation can contribute up to 50 % of a households total electricity demand saving the homeowner money on buying electricity from the National grid
  • The Solar Calculator shows the various Solar PV feed in tariff rates set by the authorities.   For a Solar PV installation to an existing roof, the application would be regarded as retrofit and the subsequent payment per unit is shown.
  • The current Feed in Tariff rate is 4.11 pence per Kwh fixed for 20 years (tariffs will be inflated annually in line with CPI)


domestic solar pv install in Trefnant

Solar PV Calculator

This Solar PV Calculator is meant only as a guide and does not form and type of offer or contract! You can use the default values or by clicking on the “Change our Assumptions” link, input your own values!

Feed-in tariff calculator provided by Solar Guide. The feed-in tariff pays property owners a set rate for every kWh of electricity generated via renewable technologies that include solar photovoltaic, wind power, micro CHP, anaerobic digestion and hydro. A full tariff breakdown can be found at the Solar Guide feed-in tariff information page.

Technology Types

Ground Mount

On Roof


Building Integrated PV (BIPV)


Flat Roof


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