Commercial Solar PV roof at DPS

Commercial Solar PV and Farm Solar PV

Generate an income by utilising your roof space

Consumer Benefits

  • Reduce your business electricity bill
  • Improve your business carbon footprint and look more attractive to customers / suppliers
  • Improve profitability by reducing your overheads
  • Protect yourself from future energy price rises
  • Earn money through export payments and the government backed feed in tariff

How it works

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules create electrical energy when they are exposed to direct or diffused solar radiation.
  • This electrical energy is then synchronised with your electricity supply with the aid of an inverter and can then be consumed in your business, this is known as free electricity as the source is 100% renewable.
  • The Carbon payback of a solar PV­­­­ panel is approximately 2 years, this means the carbon emitted in manufacturing is paid off by the electric you generate in 2 years. A solar module will last 25-30 years.

Is my business suitable?

The following is a summary of what is generally required for a commercial solar PV Installation

  • Roof should face south or between south east and south west
  • Angle of roof can be flat or pitched
  • Shading issues from trees, buildings and obstacles should be minimal.
  • At least 30 m2 free roof space or 50m2 or land if ground mounted.­­
  • Grid connection 3 phase or single phase – You can install more solar on a 3 phase electric supply; we can make a G59 application to your DNO to find out what your export capacity is.
  • Planning considerations – The government relaxed planning on rooftop solar PV as long as the panels are less than 1m from the edge of the roof. We can advise on all aspects pf planning.­­­­
  • Guardian discussion on Commercail PV Installs –

Types of system  …. Roof Top and Ground Mount Solar PV

Hafod Renewable Energy understand the crowded solar PV market and offer best advice to rural business. Hafod Renewable Energy has years of experience in rural areas and has installed solar panels for numerous farms and estates. We are respected in this field and can readily provide testimonials.

Installing Solar PV makes a lot of sense for farms and rural businesses as panels can be installed on barns and outbuildings as well as the main building or land, any energy you don’t use can be fed back into to grid. Solar PV will reduce your electricity bills and generate an income from the Feed-in Tariff.

Technology Types

Roof Mount


Ground Mount

Curved Roof Mount


Flat Roof


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