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What we do with Air Source Heat Pumps.

An Air Source Heat Pump Is Up To 300% Efficient.

An air source heat pump is much cheaper to run than the most economical fossil fuel boiler. Air source heat pump provide a real alternative to oil heating. In fact, a heat pump is up to 300% more efficient than an oil boiler.

Energy prices are rising! Alternative heating options are needed for our homes. Air source heat pumps are solutions that offer real “fuel security” give you more control of your energy costs.

How Does Air Source Heating Work?

A fridge chills the inside by taking out the heat and losing it from the back of the fridge. Air source heat pump systems works like a fridge but in reverse.

Reversing this process, an air source heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air.

The air source heat pump heat compresses the warmth and transfers it to your home’s central heating and hot water system.

Air source heat pump generates up to 70% of heat free from the air and it is reliable even when the temperature outside is down to -20°C.

Air source heat pump cycle

Renewable Heat Incentive.

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is a government financial incentive scheme. It is available to homeowners who switch to renewable energy heating systems.

The domestic RHI scheme is for home-owners and private and social landlords.

It will provide long term financial support for property owners who install renewable heating systems. Apply for the domestic RHI and you will receive quarterly payments for seven years

For more info on RHI go here:

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The four Types of Air Source Heat Pump Technologies

Low temperature air source heat pumpHeating UK homes with air source heat pumps is now a viable and credible alternative to traditional methods and can help to combat rising energy bills through greater efficiency. Using an air source heat pump to provide space heating and hot water reduces a home’s CO2 emissions and running costs.

Hafod Renewable Energy are accredited Mitsubishi Ecodan installers –

Why use Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan air source heat pumps for your heating? The MCS approved, award-winning Ecodan range has been specifically designed for the UK’s conditions. With a UK-built cylinder and advanced controls, the system is available as a packaged or component solution, optimised to provide all the heating and hot water a home needs, whatever the weather.

The benefits of Mitsubushi Ecodan air source heat pumps

Air source heat pump acn fit in any environmentEcodan uses inverter-driven heat pump technology to harvest and upgrade free, renewable energy from the outdoor air to deliver heating and hot water, even in temperatures as low as -25°C.

For every 1kW of electrical input energy, Ecodan harvests and upgrades renewable heat from the outdoor air to provide the home with an average of at least 3.2kW of heat output.

Outstanding benefits: Energy monitoring as standard Improves energy use leading to lower running costs and CO2 emissions

  • Low noise levels – Ecodan has achieved the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark
  • Excellent guarantee and service packages available.
  • MELCloud Wi-Fi Control MELCloud is a major investment from Mitsubishi Electric to allow easy mobile control and monitoring of the Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan system from anywhere in the world
  • Built in the UK
  • Ecodan packaged Hot water Cylinder Range Improved cylinder performance and faster heat up times through the use of plate heat exchanger technology
  • Coastal protection – The Ecodan coastal models are designed to protect against the corrosive effects of environments that are in close proximity to the sea.
  • RHI Metering and Monitoring Service Pack (MMSP) – EMP3- Mitsubishi have developed a monitoring system that qualifies for a one off payment of £800 from Ofgem meaning that it is effectively FREE.

Daikin Altherma High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump, The Perfect Retrofit Solution.

  • High Temperature air source heat pumpThe Daikin Altherma high temperature air source heat pump will provide your home with heating and hot water.
  • It replaces a traditional boiler and it connects to your existing plumbing perhaps the perfect solution for renovations!
  • Daikin Altherma LT and HT Split air source heat pumps consist of an outdoor and indoor unit and a hot water cylinder.
  • The heat pump has its own controller and this is used as a room thermostat to improve system efficiency.
  • For more info click here:

High Efficiency

The Daikin high temperature air source heat pump provides the efficiency of an air source heat pump without replacing any radiators.

Boiler Replacement

This air source heating system makes it easy to replace your existing boiler without having to make any other changes to your existing heating system’s piping.

Limited Installation Space

The Daikin air source heat pump heats your hot water without an extra electric heater. You can stack the hot water tank on top of the indoor unit.

Easy Control

You can adjust the temperature quickly, easily and conveniently, thanks to the Daikin Altherma’s user interface.


  • The installation is flexible and is designed to suit the majority of requirements.
  • The outdoor air source heat pump unit is quiet and is usually located near to the house. It can also be located on the wall, a flat roof or up to 30m from your home. The air source heat pump can also be connected to a solar thermal system for even greater hot water efficiencies.

Hybrid Air Source Heat Pumps …


Latest hybrid air source heat pump technologyDaikin Altherma hybrid heat pump, a unique system

  • The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is a unique combination of a high efficiency gas combi boiler and renewable energy air-to-water heat pump.
  • Unlike other available boiler-heat pump combinations, it works in series rather than in parallel. This means the flow of one can feed into the return of the other in certain economical operating modes.
  • The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is ideal for replacing mains gas and LPG boilers. There is no need to change radiators or pipework, the Hybrid system connects to existing radiators (up to 80c)

Key Advantages For Homeowners

  • Low running costs for space heating
  • Up to 35% more efficient for space heating than a conventional new gas combi boiler
  • Constantly monitors the most energy efficient and cost effective operation between electric heat pump and gas boiler based on energy tariffs
  • Eligible for Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI) The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump entitles homeowner to claim payment for every kWh generated by heat pump for 7-year period
  • The Hybrid boiler running costs can be offset by local solar PV generation/ Battery Pack
  • Long system lifetime. This is because the gas boiler side only operates for an average of 10% of the year.

How are Minimal Running Costs Achieved?

  • The boiler and heat pump can run in combination or on their own, to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.
  • The system comprises of a single indoor unit and an outdoor heat pump unit. The indoor unit’s compact size means it can usually be fitted easily into the same space as the boiler it is replacing.
  • The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump qualifies for dRHI

Smart Hybrid Logic

  • The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is controlled by smart hybrid logic. This automatically selects the most cost-effective heating mode at any time of day or night, all year-round.
  • It takes into account external temperatures and internal heat and hot water demand, as well as the relative cost of gas and electricity.
  • Home-owners and tenants can input their latest energy tariffs so that the smart hybrid logic control can identify the most economical operating mode. It maximises the use of the heat pump as long as this is more cost-efficient than using the gas boiler.

Cost Effecient Operating Modes

Hybrid Air source heat pumpAt any time, the smart logic selects one of four available operating modes to ensure the most economical performance:
  1. Heat pump only: ideal in mild temperatures. Heat pump capacity and efficiency is high enough to satisfy total demand
  2. First hybrid mode: operational when outdoor temperature drops. Heat pump efficiency falls but continues to operate. Boiler provides additional heat required.
  3. Second hybrid mode: comes into use when the outdoor temperature drops further and the heat pump efficiency reduces. The unique flow control automatically regulates the variable speed pump to slow the flow rate. This raises the heat pump efficiency for as long as possible before switching totally to boiler mode.
  4. Boiler only: When the outdoor temperature is very low, the system temperature requirement is highest. In these conditions, the pump is less economical, so only the boiler operates.


Heating UK homes with air source heat pumps is now a viable and credible alternative to traditional methods and can help to combat rising energy bills through greater efficiency. By using an air source heat pump to provide space heating and hot water, it is possible to reduce a home’s CO2 emissions and running costs.

All in one comfort Heating or Cooling system easily installed to any property

Pentrewr Community Hall outdoor Air to Air unit

Pentrewr Community Hall outdoor Air to Air unit (Click on photo to read the case study)

An air to air system comprises of an outdoor and an indoor unit, and works on the same principle as a refrigerator but in reverse. The outdoor unit absorbs the energy in the air and transfers this heat into a refrigerant liquid. Then, via a compressor, the temperature of this liquid is increased. The heat is then passed into the air of the indoor unit, which uses a fan to circulate warm air around your home.

Air to air heat pumps are designed for the UK and can still operate at outdoor temperatures of -20 degrees.


  • 500% efficient – for every 1 kw of electric consumed the heating system can deliver upto 5kw of heat
  • Air purification technology a standard.   This feature is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. As well as removing dust particles and unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, the unit can also combat airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens which are all quickly broken down into harmless substances
  • All year round comfort – Can provide cooling in the summer
  • Low running costs and low carbon emissions
  • Energy at your fingertips – supplied with remote control ( WIFI optional) / to set temperature/ timings/ modes etc
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design / Quiet
  • Sleek designs available.
  • Easily retrofitted to any property- Installation takes one day with minimal disruption.
Pentrewr indoor Air to Air unit

Pentrewr Community Hall indoor Air to Air unit  (Click on photo to read the case study)

Ideal areas to install in domestic properties :

  • Conservatories
  • Large open plan areas such as halls
  • Annexes

Ideal areas to install in Commercial properties :

  • Offices
  • Server rooms
  • Showrooms

System types

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Ceiling mounted

Air Source Heat Pump Case Studies

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